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14 January 2017


Our goal for church musicians and worship teams should be that they become ministers through music. Ii not enough to be good musicians, singers or a great performer.

 Worship teams need to minister.
Ministers through music have some excellent and unique characteristics. Imagine a worship team who’s passionate about what they’re doing, with a clear sense of their calling; they are faithful to practice, they’re full of integrity, and they clearly exhibit a servant heart toward God and others. What pastor or worship leader wouldn’t want a platform full of people like that! Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Conveniently, every one of these qualities comes along quite naturally as a result of one all-important process called spiritual growth.
The good news is it’s not up to us to change people. That’s God’s job. The powerful message of 2 Corinthians 3:18 is that we are being transformed: “And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes the Lord, who is the Spirit” (TNIV). According to Hebrews 12:2, Jesus is both the author and the finisher of our faith. Our responsibility then, first and foremost, is to intercede for those in our worship ministries, asking our great God to grow them and transform them in His time and in His way.
1. Exemplify
Along with praying for them, there are a few other responsibilities we have as church leaders to help our teams grow spiritually. First off, we have to model the qualities and characteristics we hope to see in those we lead. Are we enthusiastic as we lead from the stage? If not, then what right do we have to tell others to be? Do we show up with a smile and an upbeat attitude each week for rehearsals? Can others sense our passion for God and for those He loves? That kind of passion will contagiously “rub off” on your ministry team if they see it first in you.
If we want our worship and production teams to be faithful and committed to growing, then once again we must set the example before them. That may sound obvious, but apparently not all worship leaders realize it. For example, one worship leader told me he was “leading” his choir through my Pure Praise study, but he didn’t understand why some of his choir members weren’t participating. I wondered too—until he let something slip which cleared up the mystery for me. He admitted he wasn’t doing the study himself. He just didn’t “have time for it.” No wonder some of his people weren’t going through it. He wasn’t out front leading the way. His team didn’t see their leader placing a priority on personal growth, so why should they?
2. Examine
The second step to help move your team toward maturity is to pay attention to your team members. Take note of their individual progress as worshipers, leaders and musicians. Ask yourself, are they being effective? Are they being challenged under your leadership? Invest time with them and be friends with them outside of rehearsals and hectic church schedules. Perhaps go out to eat as casual groups. Invite key team members over to your home sometimes. Be sure to make use of those times to notice their attitudes toward the rest of the group and toward their own involvement in the worship ministry.
I remember talking with a bass guitarist who was dissatisfied with the church he’d been playing in for years. “We never practice before we play,” he told me. And as a result, he had finally decided to move to a different church where he’d be challenged and could play with more excellence. As we spoke, I couldn’t help but wonder if his worship director had any idea he was so discontent.
Not only should we as leaders examine our group, we should also lead our group to examine themselves from time to time. Lead times of discussion about how the group is doing in key areas of ministry. Ask questions like, “Are we disciplined?” and “Do we mind getting our hands dirty and serve others off-stage?”
3. Exhort
Just as it’s important to exemplify and to examine, it’s also vital to exhort and urge them toward maturity. As worship pastors and leaders, we need to follow Paul’s example. In his letter to the church at Thessalonica, he wrote, “We exhorted each of you and encouraged you and charged you to walk in a manner worthy of God” (1 Thessalonians 2:11-12 ESV). Go out of your way to encourage your team. Remind them often of how you appreciate them and of how vital their role is within your team and church. Praise their efforts and progress in front of other team members. Even the most secure musicians and tech people need to hear when they’re doing a good job.
Another way to urge your team forward is through teaching and mentoring them. Too often, we as leaders get frustrated and impatient with the spiritual and biblical shallowness of our people, when, in fact, we’re partly responsible for that shallowness because we won’t invest time to instruct them. Carve out a few minutes during your rehearsals to teach on worship and leadership. Prioritize time to help mentor certain individuals who show the most potential and desire to grow.
Occasionally you may need to confront members of your group. It’s a difficult but necessary part of leadership. I’ll never forget having to confront a guitarist over his immorality. He refused to repent when we discovered he was living with his girlfriend, so I had no choice but expel him from our worship team. As shepherds we must protect the “flock” God has entrusted to us. Remember that the key above all is to love them—that should be your greatest motivation. “[Love] always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres” (1 Corinthians 13:7 NIV).
4. Experience
As the old saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” Look for opportunities for your team members to get hands-on training by letting them try things on their own. Show them you trust their abilities and their walk with God. For example, let them lead a song, or help plan a worship set, or run the sound board during part of a service. Whatever you allow them to do, just be sure you set them up for success first, by carefully preparing them.
Helping develop your worship teams to become ministers through music can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do in ministry. True, it may seem like a slow and challenging process at times, but keep this in mind: Spiritual growth—both for your team and for you—is a journey you have the opportunity to take part in. What a privilege to watch your team blossom as true ministers through true, biblical worship!


 145 Year Old says he just wants to die

Indonesian Man Claims to Be World's Oldest at 145
Mbah Gotho of Indonesia has an identity card that says he was born in 1870, which (if verified) would make him 145 years old and the world's oldest person — ever.

According to a news report from Liputan 6 out of Indonesia, Gotho was born on December 31, 1870. That makes him an amazing 145 years old. His life has spanned from the invention of the incandescent light bulb to the internet. He even has the government identification to prove it, and authorities support his claim. If those documents are verified, that would make Gotho not only the oldest known person alive, but the oldest person ever known.
But, he told the reporter, “All I want is to die.”
So, what evidence exists to prove his age? There is a photo of Gotho's government ID card, to name one item, posted on the Indonesian news web site Libutan6 (which, perplexingly, specifies his age as 146). The card lists his birth date (under his "official name" of Sodimejo, according to the Telegraph) as 31 December 1870:

28 December 2016


This festival visited Shalom Orphanage Centre just to be a blessing.
Every child has a dream and it is our hope to give our children opportunity to use their skills and gifts to reach their full potential and to see their dreams become reality.
Shalom Orphanage ensure each child receives food, shelter, education, medical care and love. Specifically through education we can combat diseases and poverty and enable our children to grow up in a world free from the threats of illiteracy, child abuse, starvation and HIV/AIDS.
More of that, this children got different talents, that's why one of my contribution to this handsome and beautiful children is to raise their talents.

 Special prayer from children

Let us join together helping more than 60 children's dreams become reality.
The Shalom Orphanage Centre is located in a small town called Karatu in Tanzania. The Centre is about a two hour drive from the airport, and very close to both Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro Crater safari destinations. It’s in a green valley, down a rough road away from the main road. The orphanage is currently a home to 70 children, aged between 1 and 17 years old. It was founded by Mama Warra Nnko in 2004 and has grown a lot since then. The orphanage sits on a two acre plot of land that was purchased through donation. It comprises a number of buildings where the children eat, sleep, play and are also schooled. Most of the children arrive at Shalom through the death of their parents or because they have been abandoned. There are around 20 staff that care for the children and tend to the grounds (the orphanage has a few animals such as milking cows, sheep, pigs,poultry, and also is garden where some food is grown) The Orphanage runs a pre-school for around twenty of the youngest children. The older children attend an english medium school near by and some are still attending at a local government primary school even closer. All the children are looked after extremely well despite the Orphanage’s limited resources. They are full of energy, love playing games, and LOVE having visitors!

Remember to put a smile on someone's face.
Special cake for children

15 November 2016


Ukiona mimi na rafiki zangu tunapendeza, tunanawili, siri ni bidhaa za Oriflame, lakini pia ni njia mojawapo iliosaidia watu wengi kuongeza kipato bila kutumia nguvu kubwa wala kutoa jasho.


-         WONDER OIL – Inasaidia kulainisha ngozi, massage, hot bath, kuondoa weusi mapajani, kuondoa michirizi na kupendezesha nywele zako.

-         HAPPY SKIN – Lotion hizi zimetengenezwa kwa mbegu za maboga. Hulainisha ngozi na kukupa mwonekano wa rangi moja mwili mzima.

-         FEETUP – Huleta muujiza kwenye kisigino. Ni mkombozi wa visigino vigumu. Kumbuka magaga, sagamba/kea haikubaliki

-         LOVE NATURE Cleansing Gel – Inarudisha ngozi iliyochubuliwa na chemicals hasa kwa waliaathirika usoni, pia huondoa chunusi na madoa/mabaka.

-         PURE SKIN AU CLEANSING GEL – Husaidia watu wenye mafuta mengi usoni na chunusi

-         NOVAGE BRIGHT SUBLIME – Inaondoa madoa yote usoni, inaondoa dalili zote za ngozi kuanza kuzeeka yaani mikunjo.

-         OPTIMALS FIRMING LOTION – Huondoa nyama zembe

-         FEMINELLE – Ni fahari ya mwanamke. Inamkinga mwanamke na fangasi, miwasho na U.T.I pamoja na harufu mbaya.

Pia zipo products za aina mbalimbali tena za asili kama vile poda, make up, lipstics, parfums nzuri, dawa za meno na products zinazofaa kwa watoto n.k.

Je unaipenda ngozi yako na mwili wako kwa ujumla? Tumia bidhaa za Oriflame. Je ungependa kuongeza kipato? Jiunge na familia ya oriflame.

Ikiwa unahitaji product yoyote ya Oriflame nipigie au nitumie ujumbe, kisha utaletewa poppet ulipo, na ikiwa unataka kujiunga na familia ya Oriflame ili uelekezwe namna ya kuongeza kipato kwa njia rahisi, tuwasiliane pia.

Nipigie/ni whatsapp 0716560094


Emmanuel TV is Africa's largest and most viewed Christian television network with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria

Emmanuel TV - "Changing Lives, Changing Nations, Changing the World

Prophet T B Joshua:
Jesus never said goodbye! just like the day He healed the woman with the issue of blood" He is still ready to heal all kinds of diseases only for those who believe in Him... am glad i believe!!

Keep watching EMMANUEL TV and you will meet Jesus right there to heal, deliver, bless and save you, your family and all that concern you by only touching the screen of your television in faith and you shall receive your breakthrough in Jesus name. Amen. EMMANUEL!


Amen I'm a changed person through Emmanuel TV I'm Zimbabwe Victoria falls.thank you for
the job well done by all members of scoan may God increase you more

Dought Tabona God is doing wonders i salute the man of God prophet tb Joshua and all who stand together with him not forgetting the Mrs Joshua she keeps our prophet well and stand with him in every single challenge.thank you
Like · Reply · 3 · 10 hrs

Skhumbuzo Blessing Motha All Hail King Jesus, indeed you are my healer, deliverer, restorer of my Faith and my blessing provider. Thank you Jesus Christ, thank you prophet TB Joshua for impacting lives.
Like · Reply · 1 · 10 hrs
Justina Sulaiman Yes Prophet that is GOD is still God the only one.thank you prophet TB Joshua because you are the one that open my eyes to see the truth
Like · Reply · 1 · 9 hrs
Og Dollars For sure Man of God, Jesus is alive, he hold the key of everything. Which means all is possible for him to do...Prophet T B Joshua more good morning to your life, i pray to God to keep given you more direction of him concerning your work we love so much T B J
Benita Olisakwe Jesus come into my live and change it Your and to the glory of Your Name. Empower me to be a disciple to change the world. Heal all that is broken in my life, cause in Your hands eveything can be mend in Jesus Name. Amen!
Mma Udmma Thank you God of Prophet TB Joshua for everything you have done in my life, thank you for your healing, you're a faithful Lord. I love you

Ruth Sibindi Yes prophet and l know he can heal me too. I just leave everything to the Lord for his will to be done in my life. With the help of your so that l should not worry of anything in Jesus name Amen
Henry Ifediorah Thank father God for everything in my life please give me Lord great of faith to pray please Lord give me greats of power of faith to believe in your world in Jesus Christ name o Lord amen thank you Lord Jesus Christ!
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Atta Benson Samuel Man of God please we the people of Ghana are no longer receiving emmanuel Tv as free to air anymore. Please help to bring it back to our screens. Thank you.
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Berna Baraza Yes Jesus is alive today, tomorrow and forever more. Trust in him because he is not man that keeps on changing. His steadfast love endures forever. Amen.
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Prince Mchunu Thank u Lord God of heaven and armies by the blood of Jesus for conqueres and healing sicknesses, illnesses, diseases, evil, demons, hardship, setback, career, business in Jesus mighty name Amen!!!!
Portia Aduah Dear Lord heal me from every broken heart,from every pains am going through deliver me from the hands of the evils ones in Jesus name Amen

Raymond Borewore He is alive indeed ,only us people when we now know ordinary things we start fighting with the spiritual word
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Agisanyang Mafu yes man of god.he is always with us so much.he healed ppple around the world.he cares about us.oh! he is a good father.
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Florence Nchimunya Lord Jesus,Christ may my life be Changed completely to the glory of your kingdom,for my desire is to walk in your righteousness.
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B Bienkaa Tanda Unchangeable God, Ancient of days, change my life, uplift my spiritual life ooh God, deliver me and heal my broken heart. In Jesus Mighty Name! Amen!
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Abigail Kalip Amen, Oh God come in to my life n change any negative things in ur holy name. By the power of God of T.B Joshua I n my family r free in JESUS name
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Lehlohonolo Radebe Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth my Father have messy according to you love and kindness Lord Heal my broken hearts and my spiritual work with you my Lord and my relationship with Him Lord Aman
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Osasogie Uwumwonse yes, Jesus Christ is still alive, he lives forever in us, thank you Jesus for the great empowerment in us to change the world, great God u are.
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Constecia Rirhandzu i love emmanuel tv all my relatives their knw tht emmanuel tv thats my first channel to watch .. ijst hope tht one day ill get money n buy dstv so tht i can enjoy it mooooooore!
Nicky Joy Lord, use me on the field in which you are working. May my life never be aimless in your arms.Use me around me daily, use me in my family, use me in my village, use me in my country, use me in the world. Use me Lord Jesus. If not why did you give me life? Let me not live for money alone, my Jesus, help me be your servant. Empower me and use me in healing lives and souls. In Jesus Name I pray Lord, Amen
Ndagwedha Shikongo with no doudt i know he can heal all my woundss and with his joyful heart he can give back what the devil had stole from Jesus name.Amen!
Precious Mhonde Amen. Lord Jesus, thank you for reminding me that you are alive. Help me to remember that you will always change human lives and heal broken hearts.
Caleb Danny Peterson he loves outcasts like me who is a fool to the world but only God can see our potential which is hidden on the inside of us where the world can't see