13 January 2011

EAST AFRICA GOSPEL SINGERS (History & Contacts) Historia na Anuani za waimbaji wa Injili Afrika Mashariki

                                                  Marehemu Anjela Chibalonza

Angela Chibalonza Runiga was born on November 26, 1976 in Bukavu, eastern Congo-Kinshasa. She enjoyed music right from childhood. After completing secondary school in 1996, Chibalonza moved to Kenya the following year in what she described as her responce to a call from God to serve Him in the 35-million East African nation and also to pursue her music career.
Though she had sang in the choir and even rose to choir leadership since 1992 when she got saved aged 15 years, Chibalonza had not recorded any music in her native Congo.

Thus her travel to Nairobi to embark on a music career was appreciated and encouraged by her Christian parents and 10 siblings.
In Kenya, the budding musician released her maiden album, Nikuabudu. She followed it up with Jina la Yesu the following year, in 1998. In 1999, she released Mwisho wa Dunia and thereafter Ninapotembea.

Angela's popular albums sold well across the Kiswahili-speaking eastern and central Africa. She endeared herself and warmed her way into the hearts of hundreds of music lovers - even among those that do not profess Christianity - in her rich vocals that she delivered through live performances in churches and at open-air public Christian meetings. Her music albums have sold in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and in other parts of the world where Kiswahili, Lingala and French are spoken.
"I am famous in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Congo but I have no money to show for it. I am content serving God," Chibalonza often used to say.
In 2004, Kora All Africa Music Awards nominated Chibalonza for Best Gospel Female Artist award for Jubilee, off Yahwe Uhimidiwe album. She did not win but it was clear that her talent was now in the public domain.
In her Kora nomination profile, the musician says, "Jina la Yesu made history in my musical career; it made me the Angela I am today. I got to be known in Kenya and in East and Central Africa. I have released other albums like Ninapotembea, Nzambe Papa, and Nakuabudu. Yahwe Uhimidiwe is the new album I release in January this year. It contains the song Jubilee, which is the song I have submitted for the Kora All Africa Music Awards 2004."
Singing mainly in Lingala and Kiswahili and at times in French, Runiga, was set to release her latest album, Nimekutana na Yesu (I have Met With Jesus), at Nairobi Cinema in Nairobi, on September 29, 2007. This was never to be. On September 22, 2007, Angela, her driver, Kennedy Aluoch, and vocalist, Nimrod Makori, perished in a ghastly morning road accident at Kinale, on the Naivasha-Nairobi highway while they were returning to Nairobi from a performance at Egerton University in Njoro.

The shocking news of her death filtered across Kenya via radio and television Some said that Chibalonza, whose first name means angel, "has been called to go and lend her voice to the angels in praise of God up in heaven. Runiga also sang in languages like Luganda to cut across language barriers. Oh Yesu Wange off her Ninapotembea (Whenever I Walk) album, for instance, is in Luganda.
Runiga, leaves behind her husband and pastor of four years, Elisha Muliri.

                                                 Jane misso

                                                    Upendo Nkone
                                               Christina Shusho 
                                  Christina Matai (Mwang'onda)
                                    Jesca Honore

                                  Furaha Isaya

                                                      Happy kamili

                                    Joyce Mlabwa
                                                             Janet Jonas Mrema

                                        Martha mwaipaja

                                                            Marion Shoka (Kenya)

Tina Marego

Sarah K (Kenya) 

                                                 Anastazia Mukabwa - Mombasa Kanya

Jemmimah Thiongo - Kenya 

 Mary Atieno - kenya


                                             Bahati Bukuku (Tz)

                                                 Kabula George

                                                 Rose Muhando

Rose Mhando ambaye hujulikana pia kwa jina la Rose Muhando;amezaliwa mwaka 1976 katika kijiji cha Dumila, Wilaya ya Kilosa, Mkoa wa Morogoro, nchini Tanzania) ni msanii maarufu wa muziki wa injili katika lugha ya swahili katika kanda ya Afrika Mashariki.
Rose,ambaye alikuwa muumini wa dini ya kiislamu,ni mama wa watoto watatu. Mama huyu alidai kuwa akiwa na umri wa miaka tisa alipata maono ya Yesu Kristo akiwa amelazwa. Aliteseka kwa muda wa miaka mitatu,na baada ya hapo alipona na kubadili dini(kuongoka) na kuwa mkristo.
Alianza fani yake ya muziki kama mwalimu wa kwaya inayoitwa Kwaya ya Mtakatifu Maria katika kanisa la kianglikana linaloitwa Chimuli mkoani Dodoma.


Mnamo tarehe 31 mwezi Januari mwaka 2005, Rose Muhando alipata tuzo ya mtunzi bora, muimbaji bora, na tuzo ya msanii mwenye albamu bora ya mwaka wakati wa tamasha la tuzo za kiinjili, 2004.
Mnamo mwezi wa kumi na mbili, 2005, alishiriki katika tamasha la kiinjili ili kusaidia kutafuta fedha kwa ajili ya kituo cha watoto yatima cha Dar es salaam.
Baadhi ya albamu zake ni pamoja na:
2.Uwe Macho, 2004.
3.Jipange Sawasawa, 2008.
                                            ( History from


Rose Mhando who is also known by the name of Madonna, was born in 1976 in the village of DumilaDistrict Kilosa, District of Morogoro, in Tanzania) is a famous artist in gospel music of the Swahili language in the region of East Africa.

Rose, who was a believer of the religion of Islam, a mother of three children. This woman claimed that at the age of nine years he had a vision of Jesus Christ and his lying. He suffered for three years, and thereafter he was cured by changing religion (conversion) and a Christian.

He began his professional music career as a choir teacher called the Choir of St. Mary's Anglican church called Chimuli province Dodoma.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rose Mhando ambaye hujulikana pia kwa jina la Rose Muhando;amezaliwa mwaka 1976 katika kijiji cha Dumila, Wilaya ya Kilosa, Mkoa wa Morogoro, nchini Tanzania) ni msanii maarufu wa muziki wa injili katika lugha ya swahili katika kanda ya Afrika Mashariki.

Rose,ambaye alikuwa muumini wa dini ya kiislamu,ni mama wa watoto watatu. Mama huyu alidai kuwa akiwa na umri wa miaka tisa alipata maono ya Yesu Kristo akiwa amelazwa. Aliteseka kwa muda wa miaka mitatu,na baada ya hapo alipona na kubadili dini(kuongoka) na kuwa mkristo.

Alianza fani yake ya muziki kama mwalimu wa kwaya inayoitwa Kwaya ya Mtakatifu Maria katika kanisa la kianglikana linaloitwa Chimuli mkoani Dodoma.

                                                          Esther Wahome

                                                   Flora Mbasha

My name is Flora (Tanzanian gospel singer). My Fathers name is Henry Mayallah. My mother is Caroline Moses Kulola. I was born in Mwanza Tanzania and my tribe is Msukuma. I was born in a Christian family; my Father and Mother are both Christians.
My father died in 1998, during the time we were living in Arusha. He left behind three children who are Benjamin the first born, I Flora begin the second and Dorcus who is the third and last daughter to my father.
After the passing of my father my grandfather and grandmother on my mother side took the responsibility of taking care of us. Later on my mother was blessed with a wedding ring and two beautiful children who are Suzy and Esther, making a family of 5 children.
Later she yet again was blessed with another baby Girl who was given to her as an offering at Church; hence my Father and Mother took the responsibility of taking care of the child like their own child giving the family a number of 6 children.
My Mother and father are both Evangelists living in Mwanza. I thank god for my Father and Mother and my Grand mother who are Arc Bishop of Assemblies of God T( E. A. G. T) Moses Kulola and my Grandmother whom took care of me since my fathers death, they educated me until the time of my wedding. I started singing at an early age and I was singing with the Bugando Divine Singer in Mwanza town.
In 22/ 09/ 2002 I said my vows and got married to my one and only husband Emmanuel Mbasha at the E. A. G. T Church in Mwanza. God has blessed us with a beautiful baby daughter called Elizabeth who is three years of age.
My husband E. Mbasha has been of great assistance to my success, he has supported me by giving the right advice and guidance that has led to what I have today. We have song written together songs and performed in both albums that I hold.
Flora' Dreams: I have the dream of going around Tanzania on a tour spreading the Gospel through singing in public shows. I believe by doing that I will win the hearts of many especially for the masses who have no money to pay for get charges.I hope to buy live music equipments for performing for I fill complete when the music is played by a live band. Moreover I'm on the verge of recording video for the second album that already on the market.
Flora's Vision: My vision is to work for our lord Jesus Christ until the day of my calling. I have the desire of reaching out the to youth who have not found Christ so that they turn to God for their lives, for my heart burns when I see youth engaged in drugs immorality and other doing that are not of morality. In future I do hope to open my own studio for recording music.
Raising funds for the needy, on going activity includes in fund rising for orphan at the orphan centre in Mwanza region. Sensitizing leaders and decision makers on the need to help orphans when ever the chance arises. Mounting funds until they reach beneficiaries who are orphans.
Hobbies: Singing and chatting with friends.
Flora's Church: Currently I'm praying at mnazi Mmoja Evangelist Assemblies of God. The church has god's blessings because we witness this through the miracle experienced at the church such as healing that people get all the time.
This is done by Revered Bruno Mwakibolewa with the assistance of his wife Mrs. Mwakibolewa. Player days are on Wednesday & Sunday.
Some of her songs are Usife moyo, Aliteseka, Jipe moyo, Hakuna Tatizo Kuu, Yu Karibu, Tunaye Bwana, Ukimwi, Ashante Yesu, Majaribu, Maisha Ya Ndoa, etc

                                                               Ency Mwalukasa

                                                             Jennifer Mgendi

Akiwa tayari na albamu zisizopungua tano kibindoni, Jennifer Mgendi(pichani) ni miongoni mwa wanamuziki wa muziki wa injili au kwa kiingereza Gospel nchini Tanzania ambao wamejijengea sifa na umaarufu mkubwa kutokana na kazi yake hiyo ya uimbaji na kumtukuza mola.
Lakini tofauti moja kubwa ya Jennifer na wanamuziki wengine wa muziki wa injili ni kwamba yeye pia ni mtunzi mzuri wa hadithi za filamu.Baadhi ya filamu alizowahi kutunga ni kama vile Pigo la Faraja, Joto la Roho na Teke la Mama.
Alianza rasmi kujishughulisha na kazi ya muziki wa injili mwaka 1995.Albam yake ya kwanza iliitwa ‘Nini?’. Baada ya hapo alitoka tena na albamu zake zilizokwenda kwa majina ‘Ukarimu wake’, ‘Yesu Nakupenda’,'Nikiona Fahari’ na ya hivi karibuni zaidi inayoitwa Mchimba Mashimo.
Hivi karibuni tulipata nafasi ya kufanya naye mahojiano ambayo utayasoma hivi punde. Katika mahojiano haya,Jennifer anakupa kwa undani kuhusu historia yake kimuziki na kibinafsi. Ni kweli kwamba muziki wa injili wa leo ni wa “kidunia” zaidi ya “kiroho”? Anasemaje kuhusiana na hoja hiyo? Je Jennifer anaongeleaje tofauti za muziki wa injili na ule wa Bongo Fleva?Unakubaliana naye?
Nini mipango yake kwa mwaka huu wa 2009 na ana ushauri gani kwa vijana?Fuatana nasi katika mahojiano yafuatayo;
BC: Karibu Jennifer ndani ya BC.Sijui nikuambie mambo vipi au bwana asifiwe?
JM:Asante sana ndugu yangu. Yote mema tu kwani mambo ni safi na Bwana anaendelea kusifiwa…
BC:Kwa kifupi tu unaweza kutueleza historia ya maisha yako?
JM:Nilizaliwa miaka karibu 37 iliyopita hapa hapa jijini Dar es Salaam katika familia ya watoto watatu nikiwa nimetanguliwa na kaka wawili. Nimepata elimu yangu katika mikoa ya Dar es salaam na Tanga. Nilianza uimbaji rasmi mwaka 1995 na hapo katikati nilifanya kazi kadhaa za kuajiriwa kama Ualimu na Ukutubi lakini tangu mwaka 2007 niliacha kazi za kuajiriwa na mpaka hivi leo ninafanya shughuli zangu binafsi.
BC:Mara nyingi wasanii huwa wanaanza kwa kufuata mfano wa mtu,watu au kitu fulani.Kwa upande wako nini kilikushawishi uingie kwenye muziki wa injili.Je kwenye muziki wa injili ndiko ulikoanzia au ulianzia kwingine halafu ndio ukahamia kwenye injili?
JM:Watu wengi walikuwa wakinivutia sana na kunihamasisha kwa habari ya uimbaji lakini miaka hiyo nilivutiwa zaidi na Jim Reeves na Yvonne Chakachaka ambao walikuwa wananivutia sana.
Nimeanza moja kwa moja kuimba muziki huu wa injili kwa sababu tayari injili (ambayo ni uweza wa Mungu uletao wokovu kwa kila aaminiye) ilikuwa imebadilisha maisha yangu. Kwa hiyo sina mwingine wa kumwimbia zaidi ya huyo mwenye Injili yaani Yesu Kristo.
BC:Kwa faida ya wale ambao hawajafuatilia kwa ukaribu kazi zako,mpaka hivi sasa umeshatoa albamu ngapi,zinapatikana wapi na wewe kama msanii wa muziki wa injili unafanyia wapi kazi zako?
JM:Mpaka sasa nina albam tano za kusikiliza ambazo ni Nini?, Ukarimu Wake, Nikiona Fahari, Yesu Nakupenda na Mchimba Mashimo. Pia nina video za nyimbo ambazo ni Yesu Nakupenda na Mchimba Mashimo. Hali kadhalika nina matoleo ya filamu ambayo ni Joto la Roho, Pigo la Faraja na Teke la Mama. Sina sehemu maalum ninayofanyia shughuli zangu kwani shughuli zangu sio za kukaa sehemu moja.
BC:Kumekuwepo na ukosoaji kwamba ninyi waimbaji wa muziki wa injili wa kizazi hiki mnapoteza kabisa uhalisia wa muziki huo.Wanaosema hivyo wanasema kwamba muziki wenu hauna vionjo vya “kiroho” bali umejaa vionjo vya “kidunia” kutokea kwenye midundo yake na wakati mwingine hata kwenye mashairi au ujumbe uliomo.Unasemaje kuhusu ukosoaji huo?
JM:Unajua ndugu yangu siwezi kukanusha wala kukubaliana na hoja yao hiyo. Inawezekana ni kweli wanavyosema na hii inatokea zaidi pale waimbaji tunapokosa kiasi. Hata hivyo “kiroho” kwa mtu mmoja kwa mwingine chaweza kuwa ni “kidunia”.
Kuna watu wengine hata kupiga makofi tu wakati unaimba kwao ni “kidunia”. La muhimu ni kwamba mradi mashairi na ujumbe unampa Mungu sifa na utukufu, binafsi sioni ubaya wowote wa nyimbo za injili kuwa na “midundo” na wala sijawahi kusoma kwenye biblia sehemu inayokataza kupiga midundo sanasana nimesoma Zaburi ikisema “….pigeni kwa ustadi…”.
Kuhusu ujumbe wa kidunia kwa kweli mimi sijasikia mwimbaji wa nyimbo za injili akiimba nyimbo za kidunia maneno yote tunayoimba yamo kwenye biblia au angalau hayapingani na mafundisho ya msingi ya biblia.
BC: Mara kwa mara kumekuwepo watu ambao aidha wanajaribu kukufananisha na waimbaji wengine wa muziki wa injili kama Rose Mhando,Bahati Bukuku na wengineo.Wengine wamethubutu hata kuwapambanisha.Je uhusiano wako na wanamuziki wengine wa injili ukoje?Mnajiona kama washindani au washirika katika Bwana?
JM:Ni kweli mara zingine wanafanya hivyo lakini nadhani kimsingi tunatofautiana na kila mmoja ana uimbaji wake kwa kadiri ya kipawa au kipaji alichopewa na Bwana. Ila la kufurahisha ni kwamba hatuna tabia ya kushindana kwani kila mmoja kapewa karama kivyake na kubwa zaidi ni kwamba tunatambua kuwa wote lengo letu ni moja, yaani kuujenga ufalme wa Mungu hapa duniani. Kwa hiyo huwa tunashirikiana sio jukwaani tu bali mara nyingine hata katika mambo ya kawaida ya maisha.
BC: Kwa muda sasa umekuwa mwanamuziki.Unadhani ni mambo gani matatu ya msingi ambayo umejifunza kutokana na kazi yako ya muziki na ambayo unadhani usingeyajua kama usingekuwa mwanamuziki?
JM:1. Nimejifunza nchi yangu na kuifahamu zaidi kwani nimesafiri sana katika mikoa na wilaya nyingi ambazo nisingefika kama sio muziki.
2. Nimejifunza mambo mengi sana yaliyonijenga kiroho kutokana na kualikwa kuhudhuria mikutano, semina na makongamano ya kiroho.
3.Nimejifunza kuishi aina fulani ya maisha yenye kiasi fulani cha nidhamu kutokana na nafasi yangu katika jamii, maisha ambayo pengine nisingekuwa maarufu nisingeishi hivyo.
                                                      (Kutoka Bongo Celebrity)

                                                                 Miriam Lukindo

                                                                   Rachel Marlon

                                                                   Sarah mvungi

                                                                     Jesca Honore
                                                       Catherine Kyambiki
                                                               Upendo Kilahiro

Upendo Kilahiro is a Tanzanian International Gospel singer living in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. She is married to Pastor Amon Kilahiro and they are blessed with a daughter Gloria.

Upendo  ministers the Gospel through music and has travelled to many nations touching hearts and drawing to the presence of God.

                                                      Martha Ramadhan

                                                           Martha Mlata
                                                                         Stella Joel

                                                        Fiona Mukasa - Uganda

                                                           Wambatira - Uganda


                                                                Diane Nkusi - Rwanda

                                                                 Nzahora - rwanda


                              MENS OR BOYS

                                                     Bishop Charles Jangason
                                                     (King of Gospel songs - Tanzani)

                                                                      Victor Ahron
                                            Theogene - Rwanda
                                                     Mchumu Maximillian

                                                             Cosmas Chidumule

                                                    Brother Joshua

                                            Abiud Misholi
                                           David Robert
                                                      Ambwene Mwasongwe

                                                         Joseph Nyuki

                                                            Solomon Mukubwa (Kenya)

                                                  Magida Timotheo

                                                                 Prince John Shabani

John S. Shabani ni mzaliwa wa kijiji cha Kirando katika kitongoji cha Nyankima, kata ya sunuka, Wilaya ya Kigoma Vijijini, Nchini Tanzania. Ukoo wake ni waumini wazuri wa dini ya kiislam (Islamic Religion).

Baada ya kumaliza elimu ya msingi katika shule ya msingi kirando, alijiunga na elimu ya sekondari, lakini kutokana na itikadi za kidini, alijikuta akiwa katika wakati mgumu wa kupigwa vita na wazazi, ni baada ya uamuzi wake wa kujiunga na Dini ya kikristo. Hivyo John ameishi miaka mingi akiwa mbali na wazazi wake, lakini hata hivyo hakukata tamaa.

Mwaka 1992, John akiwa kijana mdogo, alipata ufadhili wa kwenda nchni Kongo (Zamani Zaire), ambako huko alijifunza muziki na kusoma Chuo cha Biblia (Bible knowledge), na huko kipaji chake cha kutunga nyimbo na kuimba kilijitokeza kwa kasi, hata akatokea kupendwa sana.

John hakutaka kuona mtu yeyote akiwa katika hali ya kukata tamaa, maana alifahamu madhara yake. Kwasababu hiyo, alianzisha vikundi mbalimbali vya vijana akiwa na lengo la kuwaelimisha ili kujikwamua katika hali ya kukata tamaa na kutokujihusisha na vitendo viovu kama madawa ya kulevya, Ukahaba na anasa za kila aina, mambo ambavyo aliyapiga vita sana.

John ameishi miaka mingi kama yatima, lakini hali hiyo imemsaidia kujifunza mengi na kuwa na tabia njema, kumheshimu na kumthamini kila mtu, mambo yaliyompelekea kupata kibali machoni pa wengi hata kuwa mfano wa kuigwa. Amekuwa msaada kwa Vijana wengi (Ndani na nnje ya nchi) na kuwakwamua wengi waliokuwa wamekata tamaa na kujihusisha na vitendo viovu. Pia kutokana na ujuzi wa muziki alioupata na pia kipaji kikubwa alichonacho cha kutunga, kuandika nyimbo na kuimba, John amekuwa msaada kwa waimbaji mbalimbali binafsi na vikundi ndani na nje ya nchi, hasa nyimbo za Injili. Ni mwalimu bora na mshauri kwa waimbaji. Wengi waliopitia kwake sasa ni waimbaji wazuri na maarufu.

Mwaka 2001 John alifunga pingu za maisha na binti aitwaye Debora Shabani na mwaka 2002 walipata mtoto wa kike. Alimwita mwanaye Joyce, akiwa na maana ya kuyasahau maisha ya huzuni na shida na kujitabiria maisha ya furaha.

Mwaka 2004, John aliajiriwa katika kampuni ya Msama promotions ya jijini Dare es salaam, kampuni inayojihusisha na kuinua vipaji na pia kuwainua vijana na watu wa rika na jinsia zote waliokata tamaa ya maisha n.k, na hasa wale walioko vijiweni wakijihusisha na madawa ya kulevya, ukahaba n.k. Kampuni hiyo imewasaidia Vijana wengi na Jamii kwa ujumla, na wengi wamejikomboa kimaisha

Tarehe 19/03/04, John alirekodi Album yake aliyoiita “Marufuku kukata tamaa
Album ambayo imewasaidia wengi waliokata tamaa na kuwapa matumaini mapya. Album hiyo na nyingine alioirekodi mwaka 2009 inayoitwa “Huu ni wakati wangu”, zimekuwa msaada mkubwa kwa kila aliye au anayezinunua, zimegusa na kuinua mioyo ya watu wengi. Kwani amepokea shuhuda nyingi ndani na nnje, hata za wale waliodiriki kujiua, lakini baada ya kusikiliza nyimbo hizo waliahirisha. “Nakusii nunua kanda hizo, naamini zitakusaidia”. Pia utakuwa mchango wako kwa kutimiza ndoto na malengo ya John.

John ametembelea nchi mbalimbali, akijifunza maisha ya watu. Amegundua kwamba karibu asilimia kubwa ya wanadamu, awe maskini, tajiri, msomi au asiye na elimu, wenye vyeo au waajiriwa, watoto kwa wakubwa, wanaume kwa wanawake, awe mzungu au mweusi n.k, wote kwa njia moja au nyingine wamepitia katika hali ya kukata tamaa au kukatishwa tamaa na jambo fulani, mtu, watu, hali au mazingira fulani. Ndipo mwaka 2006, alipata maono na msukumo mkubwa wa kuandika Kitabu ambacho kitakuwa msaada kwa njia moja au nyingine kwa kila atakayekipata.

Tarehehe 11/7/08 ni siku ambayo John hawezi kuisahau. Siku ya huzuni na majonzi, siku ya kilio na kuomboleza. Ni siku alipofariki mke wake mpendwa na mwimbaji maarufu wa muziki wa Injili, Debora Shabani, mwimbaji aliyegusa mioyo ya watu wengi ndani na nnje ya nchi, mwimbaji ambaye msiba na mazishi yake yalihudhuriwa na maelfu ya watu, wakiwepo Maaskofu, Wachungaji, Waimbaji binafsi, Kwaya pamoja na viongozi mbalimbali wa serekali. Hata hivyo, John hakukata tamaa.

Tarehe 26.04. 2009, John alitunukiwa tuzo ya heshima pamoja na cheti (certicate of appreciation) kwa kutambua mchango wake kwa ajili ya kuinua vipaji na pia kuchangia kuinua muziki wa Injili Afrika mashariki na kati. Pamoja na hayo amekua akianzisha makundi mbalimbali kwa ajili ya kuwaelimisha kuhusu maisha ya kujitegemea, kujishughulisha na kuhepukana na vitendo viovu kama wizi, ujambazi, utumiaji madaswa ya kulevya, ukahaba n.k. Tuzo hiyo ilitolewa na kampuni moja maarufu Tanzania yenye makao makuu jijini Dar es salaam (Christian promoters Ltd).

John ameanzisha huduma inayoitwa Never give up “Usikate tamaa” Ambayo anategemea kuisajili wakati wowote. Huduma hii, inalenga kuinua vipaji, mipango na mbinu za kuwakwamua vijana au watu kujihusisha na madawa ya kulevya, ukahaba, utapeli wizi, ujambazi nk, mambo yanayosabisha magonjwa kama vile ukimwi, kufungwa jela au kufa kabla ya wakati, matokeo yake kuacha wototo wengi yatima na wajane nk. Pia kutafuta ufadhili kwa ajili ya kuaendeleza vijana ki-elimu pamoja na kuwawezesha pale inapobidi. Kwa sasa anayo program inayoitwa Touching voice program (Darasa la uhimbaji)
Ni kwa ajili ya kwaya, Band/vikundi na waimbaji binafsi.
Lengo ni: